Thursday, September 19, 2013

Time to Aerate!!

Hey homeowners!  Along with fall clean-ups and the fall fertilization treatment that you might be thinking about, I wanted to talk a little about aeration.

When I mention aeration to people, I often get the question, "What is aeration anyway?"

Well...aeration is when you poke a bunch of holes in your lawn.  That's it!

To get a little more scientific, there are two types of aeration:

Spike Aeration - This technique is as simple as the definition above.  It just involves poking holes in your lawn.  This can be done with a hand roller, a roller attached to a tractor, or you can wear cool shoes with spikes on the bottom (these are multi-functional and also double as weapons).  It may take a while to cover your entire lawn with these, but you'll look very unique doing it.  This method is not as effective as the next.

Core Aeration -   This is the type I recommend, and that I'll do for you... if you so please.  It involves running a self-propelled machine over your yard. The tines on this machine actually poke into the soil, grab onto a 'plug', pull the plug out of the turf, and toss it onto your lawn.  The plugs slowly breakdown and act as a food for micro-organisms.  The holes that are created allow for water, oxygen, and nutrients to reach down to the roots of your grass...where it's needed.  They also act as a reservoir, where fertilizer can break-down and be consumed, and where grass seed can find soil contact and nutrients needed for successful sprouting.

Check out this chart that illustrates the activities:

I'd love to give you a quote for aeration, or any other fall service like organic fertilization, pruning of ornamental trees and shrubs, or a standard fall clean-up.

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Until next time...keep developing those Grass Roots!